Executive Team

Consumer Scotland is led by an Executive Team who are accountable to the Board and the Scottish Parliament.

Senior Leadership Team

Consumer Scotland has a Senior Leadership Team who are responsible for implementing the decisions of the Board and Executive Team.

Board members

We are governed by an appointed Board who work with the Chief Executive to provide scrutiny and strategic direction for the organisation.

Board governance

Our Board operates under agreed Standing Orders and we have a Framework agreement with the Scottish Government.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee is a sub committee of the Board which advises the Board and Accountable Officer on strategic processes in respect of risk, control and governance, governance statements, accounting policies, accounts and the annual report of the organisation. At least once every three years, the Committee will review its own effectiveness and report the results of that review to the Board.

Advisory Committee on Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances

Consumer Scotland has established an Advisory Committee on Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances following the advice and input of the Short Life Working Group on Consumers in Vulnerable Circumstances. The committee will help inform and advise Consumer Scotland’s research, advocacy, and policy work.