Consumer Scotland responds to Royal Mail stamp price increase

Director of Policy and Advocacy Douglas White highlights affordability issues for consumers

Responding to the announcement that Royal Mail will increase the price of first class stamps to £1.35 and the price of second class stamps to 85p from April, Consumer Scotland Director of Policy and Advocacy Douglas White said:

“Consumers across Scotland deserve access to good quality postal services at affordable prices and these new price increases are likely to exacerbate cost of living pressures for consumers. Consumers have already faced two similarly significant increases to the price of first class stamps during 2023.

“As the recent quality of service statistics show, consumers in Scotland are receiving a poorer service than they should expect for first class letters, with Royal Mail performing significantly below delivery service targets for the three quarters of the current year. 

“Consumer Scotland research last year on affordability issues facing postal consumers showed over half of adults in Scotland believed the price of sending letters via the Royal Mail was already expensive.

“The postal market remains an important service for consumers across Scotland. For some it is a vital channel for engaging with government institutions, health and other public services, financial services, insurance providers, utility companies and the welfare benefits system.

“Consumer Scotland has engaged with Ofcom and the Scottish Parliament’s Economy and Fair Work Committee to raise issues about both standards of delivery and affordability of postal services.

“We will continue to engage with the regulator, industry and other consumer groups to monitor the impact of these price rises on consumers and to provide evidence and recommendations on how the interests of consumers can best be met through the universal postal service.”


Last year Ofcom fined Royal Mail £5.6m for failing to meet its first and second class delivery targets in the 2022/2023 financial year.

In April 2023 the price of a first class stamp increased by 15p to £1.10 and then rose again in October to £1.25. Second class stamps rose by 7p to 75p last year.

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