Consumer Scotland publishes Draft Work Programme for 2024-2025

Public consultation launched to help shape priorities for next year.

Consumer Scotland is seeking feedback on our new draft annual work programme, published today.

All those with an interest in consumer issues are invited to take part in an online survey which will inform our priorities for next year.

The Draft Work Programme 2024-2025 sets out how Consumer Scotland will advance the interests of consumers across three strategic challenges which inform all our work - affordability, climate change mitigation and adaptation and consumers in vulnerable circumstances.

As the levy-funded advocacy body for the electricity, gas, post and water sectors in Scotland our draft work programme sets out our plans within these key areas, as well as within the wider economy.

The draft work programme also sets out the contribution Consumer Scotland will make to achieving the Scottish Government’s National Outcomes during 2024-2025.

The survey runs until 16th February and our final work programme will be published in March and laid before the Scottish Parliament.

Consumer Scotland has today also issued a separate consultation on a new set of draft prioritisation criteria for investigations.

Under the Consumer Scotland Act 2020 we have the power to undertake investigations into sectors or practices we consider cause, or may cause, harm to consumers.

The new prioritisation criteria seek to maximise the impact of our investigations in line with our remit, available resources, and strategic significance. The online survey on investigations also runs until 16th February.

Chief Executive of Consumer Scotland Sam Ghibaldan said:

“Consumers are facing an array of challenges, not least the impact of a prolonged period of high inflation which has stretched budgets and reduced the affordability of many essential services.

“Our draft work programme sets out how Consumer Scotland will advance the interests of consumers in the forthcoming year, addressing deep-rooted challenges and advocating for positive, sustainable change across different markets.

“This includes major strategic issues such as funding models for investment in key infrastructure, the design of charging or tariff systems, regulation which supports and protects consumers and opportunities for improved collaboration across markets.

“Alongside work to achieve long-term change, we will also prioritise changes that need to happen now to tackle issues of detriment including work on the affordability of essential goods and services, consumer access to vital markets and the standards of service experienced by consumers.

"We want to hear from all those with an interest in consumer issues to help us shape our final work programme for 2024-2025.”


Consumer Scotland Draft Work Programme 2024-2025

Work Programme Consultation Survey 2024-2025

Investigations Prioritisation Criteria

Investigations Prioritisation Criteria Consultation Survey

Feedback can also be sent by email to or by writing to:

Consumer Scotland

Meadowbank House

153 London Rd



Consumer Scotland was established in April 2022 as the new statutory, independent body for consumers in Scotland. We advocate on behalf of consumers and represent consumer interests. We are a Non-Ministerial Office, accountable to the Scottish Parliament.

Under the Consumer Scotland Act 2020 Consumer Scotland must publish an annual forward work programme setting out its priorities for the year and lay it before the Scottish Parliament.